Hotel and sports complex » Aquapark


The aquapark is placed in a separate part of the Buly Aréna sports complex. 

The main pool is designated for visitors’ relaxation. There are ranges of several striking water spouts, water cannons, massage benches and beds, cave with bubblers and waterfall. The wild river is the main attraction included within the pool area. There are also incorporated two swimming lanes. The lengths of which are 25 meters and they are supplemented with starting platforms. The temperature of the pool water is 30°C.

The hot tub is placed up the staircase, it is designed for up to 6 people and the temperature reaches 34°C. The little pools for children can be found in another part of the pool area and include the mushroom-shaped fountain. The depth of the water reaches 40 and 60cm. The temperature of the water is 30°C. Up the stair you can reach 65 meter long water slide running through the outdoor area.

There is also a bar with refreshments for the visitors; it is placed in the pool area and in the foyer. On the first floor of the premises you can find the sauna, hot steam, solarium and the massage centre.

For more information, visit Aquapark Kravaře.