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Ice rink

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On the opening of the Buly Aréna in Kravaře in 2003 the ice rink sized 28 x 59 meters started functioning. During the summer months the ice stadium is generally used by the hockey school. During the whole year it is used for hockey clubs trainings and ice skating club trainings and also for workshops of international representation teams and the Czech Republic representation teams. There is also the possibility to use the facilities to hold sport, social, company or charity happenings here or concerts, exhibition etc.

There are the changing rooms with bathroom facilities with the capacity of 20-25 people. The grandstands for spectators can seat 640 spectators and it is followed by the stands space. The top quality sound system and lights up to 750lux are fitted in here. There is a parking lot that has an adequate room for cars and also for buses.

We organize disco on ice accompanied with music and lights effects every Saturday from 17:00 and on Sundays from 15:00 is the skating for public. The prepared refreshments can be obtained directly on the ice rink. The ZAMBONI ice resurfacer is used to make this ice stadium ready for your use.


ServiceFee (CZK)
Ice rink rental 2.500,- per hour
Ice rink rental (April –September) 2.700,- per hour
Ice rink rental for pre-schools, schools 1.500,- per hour
Disco on ice (every Saturday from 17:00 till 18:30) 50,-per person
Public skating (every Sunday from 15:00 till 16:30) 50,-per person

Upon cancellation of the ice rink booking 14 days prior to the date we will charge 50% of the total price!
Upon cancellation of the ice rink booking 7 days prior to the date we will charge 100% of the total price!